Lack of updates… but not visitors

So this last week I’ve been kinda distracted, but with good reason. I’ve been filling out the numerous visa applications I need to work legally here up until and past my wedding in June. Right now I’m not working as there is a 6 month limit of working at one place. So I’m not earning any cash, and this morning I just paid 2 grand to get my visa processed. Ouch! Just as well I’ve saved up a fair amount to cover the cost. Now I’ve only got what amounts to 3 week’s wages to get me through until I get told I can work. Basically I can go straight back to my old job, as they’ve said they’ll take me in with open arms.

So in the meantime, there’s not much to do apart from play Gears of War on the X-box 360 and re-rip my CDs, as I’ve noticed I’m missing tracks of a lot of them. Anyway, I will be updating this blog; don’t worry. Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m still getting lots of visitors, we’ll here’s my search term visits for yesterday:

Search Views
Pete Doherty 16
pete doherty drugs 5
feist let it die 2
“And You Will Know Us By The trail of th 1



  1. Hope everything goes well for you & you get your visa soon.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh at Pete Doherty’s influence on your blog;-)

  2. I swear I look at the stats every day and it’s the fucking same! I wrote that post just under a year ago and it seems to get more hits when he’s in the news. Man alive!

  3. John

    Do you play your 360 online? If you do, I’m supposed to be getting around to buying a live account soon. Wouldnt mind chainsawing your face on GOW 🙂

  4. Heh, I’ve been thinking about getting the Gold Live subscription, because I’ve got two points cards and I can’t use them for any downloads with just the Silver service.

    But yeah, some multiplayer action sounds good. I’ve got ISS Pro Evo 6 and Rockstar’s Table Tennis as well, so I should be able to get some games with them.

  5. John

    Whats the Table Tennis game like?
    I’ve been meaning to get afew more games, I dont know if to get Rainbow Six, fight night or maybe even viva pinata,

  6. Anna actually got Viva Pinata and has been playing it a lot. The Table Tennis game is pretty good, it’s quite simple to play but there is some depth to it. Actually, Anna and I have been playing Knights of the Old Republic quite a lot for some reason, we just both felt compelled to start playing it again.

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