Joy Zipper – American Whip

Joy ZipperIt’s funny how things turn out, I waited about over a year and a half for this album to come out. What happened was I saw the video for the single “Ron”, loved it, bought the single and waited for the album. And kept waiting. The reason being that the band, who were signed to DJ David Holmes imprint, were in limbo after the label was closed. This was, slightly bizarrely, down to the down-turn in dance music that was hitting the parent label Ministry of Sound pretty hard. Suppose it’s their fault for spunking (allegedly) 1 million quid on Fisherspooner. But still, as noted Rolling Stone journo David Fricke noted in I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, if it’s good enough someone will eventually hear it. And hear it I did. So did Stoogie as I think I lent this to him for about 6 months.Amerian Whip is Joy Zipper’s 2nd album, and is partly produced by David Holmes and semi-reclusive, My Bloody Valentine leader, Kevin Sheilds. You can hear his influence all over the album, as it’s suffused with his trademark, guitar-feedback atmosphere. It’s never over powering though and it never engulfs the songs. First track “Christmas Song” sets the tone pretty well; it’s a sacharine-sweet love song that contain’s the line “I love you more than a thousand Christmasses”, but it’s not a cheesey song. “Baby You Should Know” shows off Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale’s dreamy, woozy harmonies, “Out Of The Sun” does the same but ends up having an incoherent, jumbled chorus.

But as I stated earlier, the best track is “Ron”, which again has a floaty, dreamy atmosphere and has this amazing feedback sound during the chorus. It just hits a sweet spot with me that’s hard to explain, it’s just a track I’ve loved for years and love every time it comes on. One of best things about American Whip, is that it’s easy on the ear with beautiful and sweet melodies, but the lyrics are darker, talking about stuff like Alzheimers, drugs and loss. I’m hesitant to recommend yet another album that I’d call a grower, but hey maybe Stoogie can back me up on this.

Joy Zipper – Ron (I uploaded this myself):


  1. I’d forgotten about this band – saw them supporting Air a couple of years ago and they were ace. Thanks for the reminder… I’ll download some now

  2. After giving the album back to you I bought my own copy coz it’s an excellent album especially to listen to in bed. The first time I heard it I wasn’t particularly impressed but it definitely grew on me. I can’t say any of the songs make much sense lyrically but quite frankly I don’t care. I never care if I don’t understand the lyrics as long as the music’s good, and in this case the music really is good:D

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