Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Flaming LipsI thought I’d talk about an album that comes close to being in my Top Ten. When I was thinking about which Flaming Lips album to put in, I was torn between The Soft Bulletin and it’s followup, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. Both are great albums and I wanted to put them both in. But in the end, I just went with the Soft Bulletin, which I felt was a stronger “album”. The Soft Bulletin is just something I can put on and enjoy all the way through (I’ve yet to try out the 5.1 version of the album I bought), which isn’t something I can do with Yoshimi.., which isn’t a bad thing per se. I think some of the songs onYoshimi outshine anything on the Soft Bulletin and that’s good enough for me.

The whole album has a loose concept of Yoshimi (a friend of the band) fending off the titular Pink Robots. You can draw your own conclusions if the robots are either death or the passing of time. In any case most of the songs are concerned with mortality, but still remain mostly upbeat. The bombastic “Fight Test” opens up the album and sounds scarily like Cat Steven’s “Father and Son” (which the band apparently unwittingly plagarised and now pay royalties for), tells the tale of a time when violence would have been a good option. The title track tells the story of Yoshimi as the valiantly tries to defeat the robots; it’s quite bouncy and good fun. The more serious downbeat songs come a little later on, “In The Morning Of The Magicians” asks “is to love just a waste?/how can it matter?”. “All We Have Is Now” tells the story of a man visited by his future self, reminding him of his mortality.

The best song on the album, and one of my personal favourites. It’s quite odd musically speaking, there’s some prominet acousitc guitars and some pounding drums and some poingnant lyrics “do you realise/that happiness makes you cry/do you realise/that everyone/you know/someday/will die?”. It’s tremendously sad, but strangely upligting at the same time; a plea to love those you care about and not worrying about the sun going down as “it’s just an illusion caused/by the world spinning around”.

Flaming Lip – Do You  Realise:



  1. Never seen that video before. It’s a great song that I first heard when you burnt those 2 CDs for me a few years ago. First time I heard The Flaming Lips was on the Batman Forever soundtrack which had the song Bad Days on it. Then, quite a few years later, you start raving about how great they are & I start seeing them on TV a lot more.

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