Pony Up! – Make Love To The Judges With your Eyes

Pnou Up!So, all this week (time permitting) I’ll write up some articles about the CDs I got in Sydney. Unfortunately, no Aereogramme album, but I’ll get my dirty little mitts on it sometime. Anyway, first one this week is Pony Up! debut album Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes. The band consists of 5 girls based in Montreal and if the Arcade Fire have taught us nothing else, then it’s everything from Canada is cool. Initial impressions are pretty good: the single “The Truth About Cat’s And Dogs” is dammed catchy and the band are pretty tight.

The interesting thing about these songs are that the band changes vocalists throughout. Other times it seems like all 5 members are singing at once. It just seems to give the songs a bit more force. Another thing I liked was the wry lyrics, “Make, Mode, #” has the protagonist worrying that “you’ve ate the wrapper/and thrown away the candy”. The group vocals also have and air of innocence and naivety, so a line like “dance for me/I like to watch,” (“Dance For Me”) doesn’t sound sinister as you would think.

The standout is still “The Truth About Cat’s And Dogs (Is That They Die)”, which just powers along and has a melody that has been lodged in my head for ages. It’s a song that drives forward and the vocals are sung really quickly but all sticks in your mind. This is another one of those albums that I like say that it’s better that you listen to it in one go, rather that a selection of tracks.

Pony Up! – The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die):


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