Bundle of links for the weekend

Got another week of house sitting coming up, so here’s something to keep you tied over for the weekend at least:

  • Sony Hates Kotaku: in case you missed it, popular gaming blog Kotaku got into trouble with Sony on Friday. They kissed and made up within a few hours, but not before a huge wave of disapproval from the web.
  • Been getting back into just browsing Flickr for a while. One of the more interesting groups is the HDR group. It involves taking multiple exposures of a shot and then layering them to make amazing images. If you’re interested, here’s some photos I’ve tagged as favourites.
  • Been looking at a job to keep me going for a few weeks. Went through the media category in Canberra and found this advert for “erotic massage“. I’m not going to apply.
  • I posted a link that was bloged on Boing Boing about a big list of documentary films on Google Video. Spent last night watching a program on the comedian Bill Hick’s battles with censorship during his career. Ironically, during the program most of the swearing was cut.
  • Ace film-director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier have started a weekly podcast, called Smodcast in which they talk shit for about an hour. It’s pretty funny stuff, but you’ll probably have to be a fan of Smith’s work and know something about his circle of friends and colleagues (who are all on his DVDs). You can get the feed through i-tunes or just download it from the website and click play.
  • It’s a Canadian love-fest as some great bands like The Dears, The Stills, members of Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire-offshoot Final Fantasy all record cover versions of the Stars album, Set Yourself On Fire
  • Hopefully everyone’s seen the brilliant trailer for Hot Fuzz. Actually probably a lot of you have actually seen the film itself. Well if like me you haven’t, there’s this Director’s trailer which is even funnier.

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