Jarvis Cocker – The Jarvis Cocker Record

Jarvis CockerJarvis Cocker has always been someone I’ve admired, especially during the Britpop days. He was more cultured than Noel Gallagher, funnier than Damon Albarn and more adept at making a social statement than Nicky Wire. It was Jarvis that started to see the cracks in Cool Britania, the “cocaine socialism” as he dubbed it. He was the one that got famous, didn’t like it and decided to retreat to the margins. Maybe it’s because of the long time he spent in Pulp all throughout the 80’s that he’s become an elder statesman of indie; the geeky outsider that’s been there and done that. And now roughly five years after he split Pulp, he has his first proper solo album. The omens are good; he’s aided by former Pulp bandmate Steve Mackey (bass) and Richard Hawley (guitar).

And the opening track is great; “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time”, a sparkly upbeat song which tells the female protaganist to make her man “kiss her, where the sun don’t shine,”. There’s wry humour throughout the album, “Disney Time” laments the softening of life’s realities and carries the hope “to be like Bambi’s mother/and die off screen,”. There’s a grandiose, elegaic feel to the album. Songs like “Tonight” have a unique ambiance, but I found it annoying how Jarvis’ vocals were buried in the mix, making them hard to hear. Elsewhere, “Fat Children” is noisy and verging on sounding like a punk track.

Of course, the stand out is “Cunts Are Still Running The World”, cruelly bundled to the back off the album, like a foul-mouthed auntie at a wedding (not anymore thanks to MP3 Knife). It’s a shimmering, sweary pop gem that has Jarvis in full rant mode. It shows he’s got some spark left and I think he can still write another “Common People”-esque anthem, although it might be more satisfying to see him follow in the footsteps of his idol, Scott Walker. As long as he doesn’t release an album every 10 years, Jarvis will still be one of the most interesting character in British music. After all, you can’t see Noel Gallagher buggering off to Paris to raise a family, can you?

Jarvis Cocker – Running The World:


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