RJD2 – Dead Ringer

RJD2RJD2 (aka Ramble Jon Krohn) must be pissed off every time he reads a review of any of his work. He’s unfortunately been compared to DJ Shadow in almost every single piece that I’ve read and it’s probably only because he’s a white guy making beats. It’s a limited field (not as limited as you’d think), but yer average reviewer probably can’t see past this when he/she is writing their piece. It seems a little unfair that everything the guy does gets compared unfavourably to Endtroducing, but them’s the breaks I suppose.

Dead Ringer is a pretty soulful album; the samples are still pretty raw and haven’t been manipulated, so it seems like there’s been a carefully chosen beat just simply overlaid on them. This isn’t selling RJD2 short though, it’s just that the tracks on this album tend to be really to the point with no flab on them. Something like “Ghost Writer” has a single beat throughout, but still is engaging (despite it’s 5 minute plus length). Other tracks like “Cut To The FL” slow down and speed up a bit but the track never loses itself.

There’s plenty of vocal cuts too; “Final Frontier” and “F.H.H.” are really good, the beats and the lyrics seem in perfect harmony, neither drowning the other out. Then there’s the pure drum track “Chicken-Bone Circuit”, which as a drum afficianado is a lot of fun. If there is a problem with Dead Ringer is that it’s maybe too long (67 minutes), a couple of tracks could have been trimmed off the end and it would have helped make it a bit more compact. Nonetheless, this is a good album for beat fans and worth listening to for anyone else.

RJD2 – The Horror:


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