Weekend DVD – Coachella

Arcade FireCoachella is probably regarded as the music festival in North America. It’s apparently like Glastonbury but without the potential for bad weather. It’s based in the beautiful Californian desert and is skewed to featuring indie bands both big and small as well as a smattering of dance music and hip-hop. The festival’s been headlined by bands such as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, the Cure, Bjork and Tool. This documentary film was released in 2006 and features a lot of the art installations that are littered about the site as well as musical performances from the 6 years of the festival.

Overall the choice of music is pretty good; there’s music from returning indie heroes like Morrissey, the Pixes and the Stooges. There’s also big numbers from Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bjork. There’s a bit of dance music too from the Crystal Method, fisherspooner and the Chemical Brothers. Obviously because this is an American festival, some of the acts chosen are popular with the indie/college scene, so you’ve got Michael Franti & Spearhead (popular in Australia too), Crystal Method and rapper Saul Williams. Looking through the booklet that comes with the DVD, there’s photos of bands I would’ve loved to have seen on the actual DVD, like Bloc Party, Sigur Ros, MF Doom, Air, Wilco and Mos Def.

Aside from that my only other gripe is a lot of the time, the footage of the bands performing is intercut with interviews either from other bands or fans talking. The Flaming Lips triumphant performance is edited down to just a couple of minutes so we can see Wayne Coyne in his space bubble, which is great but why didn’t we just see the whole thing? Also the 2nd disc has plenty of interview, but I’d rather have just seen more performances on the disc.

That being said, the performances they have are excellently shot and the music is crystal clear. Radiohead’s blinding performance of “Planet Telex” is a highlight, as well as Bjork’s “All Is Full Of Love” aided by a live string section. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that some footage from other songs is cut into the performance, but it’s not too jarring. Overall the vibe is very laid back and relaxed, which probably reflects the festival itself. As a music DVD it’s slightly lacking; maybe the organisers will release a performance only DVD in the future.

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies):


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