Boards Of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children

Boards Of CanadaBoards Of Canada are one of those lucky groups that are are universally respected and acclaimed, but still have a big degree of anonymity. If was only during the scant promo work they did for their latest album, The Campfire Headphase, that it was discovered that Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison were actually brothers. The duo started out recording experimental music on various independent labels, before recording their debut album for Warp, releasing Music Has The Right To Children in 1998.

Listening to it now, it’s amazing how fresh it sounds. The key was the duo’s use of sounds that hark back to a primitive age of electronics. Listening to this album (or any album by BOC) makes me think to science shows in the early 1980’s. It doesn’t sound modern, but at the same time it doesn’t sound dated. One reason could be the duo don’t use conventional beats and sounds; it all sounds a little distorted, a little off. Even on something like “Rue The Whirl” which has a hip-hop sounding beat, the track has a dreamy ambient tone to it.

It’s difficult to pick a standout, as this is one album I prefer to listen to in one go. The longer tracks like “Sixtyten” and”Turquoise Hexagan Sun” are probably the best. Strangely, I quite like the last track, the anti-censorship monologue of “One Very Important Thought”. Music Has The Rights To Children is a really strange sounding, but really compelling album. It’s not a piece of work that will grab you by the balls and make you jump like a loon, but it will work it’s way into your mind and stay there for a long time.

Boards Of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind:


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