Aereogramme – My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go (Scotland Week)

AereogrammeFuck! Whilst I was writing this I decided to visit the Chemikal Underground website and find out some Aereogramme news and it turns out the band are splitting up! Godammit, why did no one fucking listen! I was fucking presented at my wedding reception by their song “Sunday”, for fuck’s sake! I’m sorry, but I take this type of thing personally. Aereogramme have produced some of the most beautifully heavy and tender music I’ve ever heard. Their latest album My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go (a quote from the Exorcist novel) is their most coherent and most lushest album yet. This probably goes down to the band’s multi-instrumentalist and arranger Ian Cook. He is the one that’s written the string arrangements that don’t simply bolt on an orchestra for some easy grandeur; the strings are part of the tracks.

There’s also less of a reliance on the big guitar sounds that characterised that the band’s previous albums. Whilst I loved this part of their music, the decision to focus on the softer elements is a wise one. Early tracks like “Barriers” and “Conscious Life For Coma Boy” show Aereogramme could write some touching melodies. “Living Backwards” is a darker track and is maybe the only misfire on the whole album. The looming “Nightmares” is another track that doesn’t fit in with the flow, but is still good.

There’s an air of inevitability on some of the tracks that counteracts the optimism in the earlier tracks (“maybe I’ll move on/start a sick cult/on a mysterious island” Finding A Light), that hints at the fact it’s maybe time to move on. The loveliest track is the closer, “You Are Always Welcome”: it features Crag B’s most heartfelt vocals on the whole album and maybe the warmest vocal he’s ever put down on an Aereogramme album. This is maybe Aereogramme’s finest moment, the album that should have gotten them the audience they deserved. All it really seems to have done is to get a good review from NME (who had previously dismissed them as beardy prog-rockers). Your duty is to buy all four of their albums and enjoy their music. Do it, or I will actually get pissed off.

Aereogramme – Barriers:

Aereogramme – Conscious Life For Coma Boy:


  1. John

    If I download and listen to them all, will that still piss you off?

  2. It would irk me less. Buy all the albums, should cost you fuck all.

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