Young And Restless – Young And Restless

Young & RestlessYoung And Restless probably have at least one claim to fame: they’re the only band I’ve ever heard of to come from Canberra. Okay, apparently they’ve buggered off to Melbourne, but I suppose that’s what you gotta do these days. Seems a shame, but then there seems to be a lack venus or support for bands here. But Young And Restless have managed to make a name for themselves in Australia and I think they might be able to do something internationally.

They’ve got a fierce punk rock sound and a great vocalist in Jakarta-born vocalist Karina Utomo. She seems to be the first thing you’d notice about the band. The comparisons between her and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O will be plentiful, but if anything Karina is a more varied vocalist. She oscillates between a blistering screech and breathy, lustful vocals. The band themselves are tight and heavy: on songs like “Kapow!” they sound danceable but intense at the same time. A track like “Satan” is just agression throughout.

Obviously the single “Police, Police”, with it’s slender groove, will be the most talked about, but “No Vibe, No Strobe” and “Black” are quality cuts too. Hopefully Young And Restless can add some variety and texture for their next album, but this is a breathless listen. Cramming 12 tracks into 33 minutes means there’s hardly any time wasted. It’s full on all the time.

Young And Restless – Police! Police! (live):


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