Lift To Experience – The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads

Lift To ExperienceOver a year ago, I shoved up a brief post about some albums I thought were really under-rated. One of them was The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads by Lift To Experience, a unique concept album blending religious imagery, stories of the apocalypse and personal redemption with amazing blissed out, guitar sounds. From the album cover, you’d imagine that this was a bunch of gold ‘ol boys singing some narrow-minded hillbilly rock. The music is so far from that image, that it’s almost unbelievable. Instead of grizzled, heavy country blues (see a band like Jetscreamer for that), this is lush, atmospheric guitar symphonies. Like the middle ground between Johnny Cash and My Bloody Valentine.

It starts with a thunderclap, “Just As Was Told”, (“this is the story/of three Texas boys/busy minding their own business/when an angel of the lord appeared”), a huge sounding track that ends with a shimmering guitar part with Josh Pearson repeating the mantra “Just as was told/justice will unfold”. From then it takes another two minutes of beautiful sounds until the next song, “Down Came The Angels”, even starts. With it’s wonky sounding guitar, it sounds like the opposite of “Just As Was Told” with gaps that contain nothing but vocals.

But that then segues into the mighty “Falling From Cloud 9”, another shimmering powerhouse that has Josh’s strongest vocals on the album. It’s also one of the shorter tracks but that just seems to focus the band even more. The fact that a three-piece can come up with such awesome, expansive sounds is amazing. What’s also great, is the fact it never sounds repetitive, despite being a double album. But it seems that The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads maybe the last album the band record: after suffering personal tragedy and fractious relationships, the band split. There’s been rumors that Josh has retreated to a shack in Texas where he’s been writing a new album. He’d have to come up with something really special to top this superb album.

Lift To Experience – These Are The Days


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