My favourite albums of the year: The National – Boxer

Yeah I know, it’s anther list. How dull. But in a vain attempt to do no work (as if you hadn’t noticed the last few weeks), I’m going to reiterate what I’ve already written about certain albums I’ve enjoyed this year. So for the next few days, here’s what I think were the best albums of the year.

The National – Boxer: “The National are in my estimation, one of the most underrated American groups right now.” I stand by that statement 100%. Boxer was the one album that I listened to all the way through on repeat for a whole evening. Usually with an album it’s one or two songs that draw me in and I’ll discover the rest of the album over time. Boxer is just full of 12 perfect songs that I can listen to at any time. Although it lacked some of the louder songs from the previous album Alligator, this meant that Boxer was a much more subtle affair. But it’s also an album that has songs so perfectly formed that they’re all memorable. 

The National – Apartment Story:

The National – Fake Empire:


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