Sons And Daughters – This Gift

Sons and DaughtersSons and Daughters have risen to become one of Scotland’s best bands with seeming ease over the last few years. Former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler has done another great job producing this album. Previously he got the best out of the Libertines, and he adds a degree of pop sheen to This Gift. That’s not to say that the album is lightweight by any reason, but it allows the band to create a fuller sound that’s not solely based on their stripped down, raw guitar sound. The album starts straight off with the single “Gilt Complex”, a thumping beast of a track, which sets the album up nicely.

“Rebel With A Ghost” reminds me of Blondie, circa Parallel lines with it’s dancey drum beat and the “na-na-na” chorus. “Chains” is a swinging number you’ll just want to dance to. Like most of the tracks, it’s short and sweet lasting just over two and a half minutes. Towards the end, things get more varied with “Iodine” sounding like a classic Tori Amos track and “Goodbye Service” shows off the type of tight dynamcis you’d hear from Bloc Party at their best.

There’s not many songs that feature guitarist Scott Patterson on vocals (if you get the two CD edition, check out the ferocious version of “Johnny Cash” to see how good Scott is), which is a shame as he’s a fine vocalist. However this Adele Bethel’s show; she shows a greater range on This Gift. On the previous, she sounded like she would cut your balls off if you pissed her off. On This Gift, the sounds sassy, smart and even a little playful. There’s less anger on display here, but This Gift is a much more consistent album, no doubt helped by the 40 minute run time.  This is Sons and Daughters best album so far, by a mile.

Sons And Daughters – Gilt Complex:


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