Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree

GoldfrappIf you were to guess the musical direction from the cover of Goldfrapp’s fourth album Seventh Tree, then you’d probably guess right. Whereas the duo’s two previous albums were heavily electronic, sensual albums (with a covers that would give you that idea), Seventh Tree is a gentler, warmer album that is created (or maybe crafted) with acoustic instruments. Whereas the singles from the last album, Supernature, became influential pop songs, the songs on Seventh Tree hark back to an almost classic sound, one that’s pastoral and quite English. It’s quite a change, but if you’ve been a fan of Goldfrapp since their first album Felt Mountain, this will feel like a return to familiar ground.

The opening track “Clowns” pretty much informs the rest of the album: gentle vocals, delicate acoustic melody and a breezy atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming. It’s only “Happiness” that introduces an electronic sounding beat and fluttering synths. The synth layers and woozy atmosphere of “Road To Somewhere” is intoxicating and a standout on the album. It’s only the single “AE” that lifts the pace somewhat, which is something the album needs. Seven songs in and Seventh Tree felt a bit flat and one-paced.

There’s time’s on Seventh Tree, where Goldfrapp (a duo) sound like the 30+ strong Polyphonic Spree, with their uplifting psychadelia.  There’s some parts where the music is a little flat, “Some People” treds a bit too close to some white-soul, but Seventh Tree (I keep wanting to call it Seventh Heaven) is a carefree album. It’s not concerned about sounding cool or ground-breaking, it’s just a well put together melodic album with not a duff track on it.

Goldfrapp – AE:


  1. I love A&E although I thought the video was a bit naff – all those guys covered in leaves.

  2. True, the video is a bit poor. I think it’s trying to hard to say “Look we’ve changed direction!”. The album speaks for itself.

  3. Haha, leaf monsters. Agreed about the video’s cheesiness, but as a new listener, I must say that I do enjoy the song. Alison Goldfrapp’s voice is fresh, and it reminds me a touch of Imogen Heap’s. Not much, but enough. Just a touch. I’m going to check out some of Goldfrapp’s older work, though, now that you’ve mentioned it.

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