Enter Shikari – Take To The Skies

Enter ShakiriRock music and dance music haven’t ever really combined in a way that the unique elements of each genre stay unique. Usually it ends up sounding either like very polished rock music or dance music with rock-like guitars. The “New-Rave” scene scuzzed it up, but it basicaly didn’t do anything vastly different from the “disco-punk” bands of 2002-onwards, like the Rapture and Radio 4. Enter Shakiri take things a step further though, but adding thunderous metal guitars and drums into the mix of synths and programmed beats. It’s an exhilirating listen, but it’s not without it’s flaws. Enter Shikari formed in 2003 but it’s took them four years to issue their debut album “Take To The Skies”. The album features re-recorded versions of a some tracks that appeared in various EPs, that the band released between 2003 and 2007, but on the whole Take To The Skies is a cohesive effort.

Opening efforts “Stand Your Ground…” and “Enter Shakiri” set out a template the band sticks to: screaming vocals, anthemic terrace chants, pulsating synths and crunching riffs. It’s a staggering opening and “Mothership” helps keep up the drnamic. The slow ending of “Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour…” slows things down. However, the dye seems to be set. The band only use a handful of synth and guitar sounds and it begins to great. “No Sssweat” changes it up with it’s rolling beat and slightly surreal lyrics (I’ll bite your fingers off!”). “Today Won’t Go Down In History” starts of strangely slow but then develops into a glistening song that sounds like it was recorded in the 80’s.

There are still standout moments though: the closing refrain of “Return To Energizer” is melodic and tender and the single “Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” crackles with energy and focus. I just get a feeling that the band have maybe polished up a bit too much here; I’ve not heard their earlier versions on their EPs, but I feel they’d have more impact if they were even rawer. Just go hell for leather, up the riffs and tempo and layer on the synths. I know it sounds strange, but if they cut out the numerous unessecary interludes (all four of them don’t really add anything) and just went for blunt impact, then Take To The Skies would be really memorable.

Enter Shikari – Sorry, You’re Not a Winner:


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