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Been a bit busy at work recently, which hasn’t help me writing as I usually listen to music all day in the office. However, a fairly full training period has been underway, and couple with a lot of changes to the way we work, my hours are now erratic to say the least. Today I finished at six, where as two weeks ago I finsihed at almost 11pm. Anyway, enough excuses, I will try and get something up soon, but here’s some more vids from some albums I’ve been enjoying recently. FIrst up is apparently the official video for “Bones” by Editors, which unfortunately takes the route of concert footage/backstage guff all mashed up. Shame really, as this is the best track on the whole album:

Editors – Bones:

Neon Neon – I Told Her On Alderaan:

R.E.M. – Man-sized Wreath:


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