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I’m busy moving into my new place this weekend, so I really don’t have time to post stuff let alone actually listen to any music (although the new album by the National is pretty good). But in the mean time here’s two fairly awesome clips. Firstly, a Highlander Anime film done by the same people who did Ninja Scroll:

Secondly, a new Japanese film “Stacy”, which deals with a plague of zombie Japanese schoolgirls. Inventive zombie death’s ahoy!


Just got a great link via Boing Boing; it a list of documentary films on Google Video. Now I’ve long presumed Google Video to be You Tube’s inferior brother, but there’s some real quality stuff here. There’s a 1978 BBC film on Hunter S Thopsom (which is on the Region 1 edition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas); there’s Who The Fuck Is Pete Doherty film; films on beat digging and graffiti. There’s also a whole host of BBC and Channel 4 documentaries. It’s an amazing resource, and will surely keep me occupied for a while. Best of all, they’ve got the Channel 4 documentary “On The Edge… of Blade Runner” which I’m off to watch now. Hope they put this on the new DVD set whenever that comes out.

Back again

Well I’m back in town after spending 4 days in Sydney. I did manage to get some CDs but unfortunately, no Aereogramme album. I did get some rather nice Addidas shoes and a brand spanking new Nintendo DS (no games yet). Oh well. I’ve uploaded some photos onto Facebook and I’ve also tinkered with the videos I put in the reviews of the current Gotye and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead album; both of them now have videos of actual songs of the albums and are both working checking out, especially the beautifully animated Gotye video for “Heart’s A Mess”. I’m also signing up to Digg as WordPress is now Digg compliant, so hpefully I’ll be able to attract more visitors.

The luckiest boy alive

By the way, that’s Jessica Alba in the bikini

Lucky git

Lucky bastard. Look at his face!

New Year/Same Shit

I was casually checking my blog stats this morning, and I noticed that yesterday I got 79 visits yesterday. This was my biggest amount of visits in about a week. Why did everyone decided to visit on that day of all days? Maybe the search term results will give me an answer, so I checked the top result:

Pete Doherty – 22 visist

Oh for God’s sake! I do one post on him about a year ago and that’s what provides most of my traffic for a day. Oh and if you’re interested, the 2nd placed search term was “Pete Doherty Drugs”.

I wonder if this post will boost my traffic more?

Weekend update

Well just a short one for now. I’ve managed to get Windows up and running again, and I’m now going to spend a lenghty process installing drivers, software and the like. Anyway, my Christmas shopping is all done and I’m posting stuff off to my parents tomorrow. Hopefully with that all out the way, I’ll be able to post more often. Hope you like the new theme for the blog, I’d been looking for a simple, clean, 3-column theme for a while now and this new one seemed to do the trick.

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