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Been a while since I did one of these, so here we go with some more videos from albums I’ve talked about recently (and one, not so recently):

Justice – DVNO (I love this one, especially the tip on the production credit bit at the end of the A-team, you know when the guy’s typing ont he typewriter..)

Enter Shikari – Mothership:

The Presets – Talk Like That:

British Sea Power – No Lucifer:


British Sea PowerThere are many things music can do to me: music can make me feel incredible highs and bleak lows. What it can’t do is shift a nasty bout of food poisoning. So right now, I’m listening to the new album by British Sea Power, all the while oscillating between puking and frequent attacks of the shits. So if this all comes off as rather random, then you’ll know why. Mention British Sea Power and you’ll get the story of their support slot at a Flaming Lips gig I went to where I was hit in the shoulder by a branch thrown into the audience by BSP guitarist Noble. Ok, it was more like a twig, but I’m telling the story here. Anyway, for a while that was the only way BSP had any sort of presence in my life. Slowly I came round to their debut The Decline of… and their second Open Season. Their new album was recorded in three locations, with three seperate producers, including Efrim of the now defunct post rock collective, Godspeed You Black Emperor.

This isn’t a recipe for a cohesive album, but Do You Like Rock Music? actually transcends it’s multinational roots to be the best of the band’s career so far. From the first track, Do You Like Rock Music? sounds epic, but not in any contrived sense. The short opening track “All In It” would have normally been shorter (and slightly weirder knowing BSP), but here’s it’s a tasty little starter with clanging, echoing guitars. The multi-segment “Lights Out For Darker Skies” ends on a rousing note after some great parts. “No Lucifer” is a distant cousin of the Arcade Fire’s sounds, all choir chanting and a sense of uplifting desperation.

“Down On The Ground” is maybe the most standard song on the album, but it’s still good. I think the best thing for me about DYLRM? is the fact there’s no stinkers on this album. In BSP’s last two albums there were tracks I would gladly skip, but here there’s none of that. Even the instrumental “Stuka” sounds great. “Atom” would benefit from being shorter and missing out the whole false start thing, but these are minor niggles and shouldn’t distract from a great album. The fact that the pace slows towards the end and the guitars are less abrasive is a good thing, as it stops DYLRM? from being too samey all the way through. The droning”We Close Eyes” ends the album on a hypnotic note, it’s hard to pick a favourite track right now, but DYLRM? demands a repeat listen straight away. I think this is going to be one album that just gets into head and won’t leave.

British Sea Power – Waving Flags:

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