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In case you’ve been living under a rock (or have no interest in video games), you will know that the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV has been released. It’s fairly vague, as only the location of Liberty City seems to be certain. If that’s the only location, well we’ll see. You can scour the web for larger versions if you like:

So with this being released in October this year, it just adds to the bundle of games I’m really looking forward to: Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect Halo 3, Porta, Left 4 Dead and Alone In The Dark 5.


Got another week of house sitting coming up, so here’s something to keep you tied over for the weekend at least:

  • Sony Hates Kotaku: in case you missed it, popular gaming blog Kotaku got into trouble with Sony on Friday. They kissed and made up within a few hours, but not before a huge wave of disapproval from the web.
  • Been getting back into just browsing Flickr for a while. One of the more interesting groups is the HDR group. It involves taking multiple exposures of a shot and then layering them to make amazing images. If you’re interested, here’s some photos I’ve tagged as favourites.
  • Been looking at a job to keep me going for a few weeks. Went through the media category in Canberra and found this advert for “erotic massage“. I’m not going to apply.
  • I posted a link that was bloged on Boing Boing about a big list of documentary films on Google Video. Spent last night watching a program on the comedian Bill Hick’s battles with censorship during his career. Ironically, during the program most of the swearing was cut.
  • Ace film-director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier have started a weekly podcast, called Smodcast in which they talk shit for about an hour. It’s pretty funny stuff, but you’ll probably have to be a fan of Smith’s work and know something about his circle of friends and colleagues (who are all on his DVDs). You can get the feed through i-tunes or just download it from the website and click play.
  • It’s a Canadian love-fest as some great bands like The Dears, The Stills, members of Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire-offshoot Final Fantasy all record cover versions of the Stars album, Set Yourself On Fire
  • Hopefully everyone’s seen the brilliant trailer for Hot Fuzz. Actually probably a lot of you have actually seen the film itself. Well if like me you haven’t, there’s this Director’s trailer which is even funnier.

In The Name Of Fuck! (2)

Phil Collins is in the new Vice City game for the PSP?!?!?


This makes no sense.

As you know the PS3 has been delayed here in Australia, as well as much of the rest of the country. There’s been some red faces all around, but Sony have tried to talk their way out of this situation. Quote of the day has to go to this guy, Michael Ephraim who is Sony’s chief in Australia. When asked how gamers felt about the delay, he was apologetic until he said this:

“Sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to buy a PS3 this year, but I’m sure it beats lining up in a queue for hours on end only to be told the store has sold out.”

Eh? Sorry you couldn’t buy one this Christmas; but that’s better than not buying one this Christmas. What the fuck!?! This doesn’t make any fucking sense! Not being able to buy one is better than not being able to buy one. I’ve heard some crazy excuses for things before, but this takes the piss.

This is Waiting

This is Waiting























Sony’s marketing slogan for the PS3 is “This is Living”. Hours after the announcement that the November “World Wide” launch was actually only happening in North America and Japan, This is Waiting was launched; a collection of Photoshop images and parodies deriding Sony’s failure to deliver the PS3 in before Christmas in Europe and abroad. Pay the site a visit for a chuckle.

PS3 delayed in Europe

PS3I was gonna talk about the Wolfmother album, but I’ve been playing Katamari on the PS2 this evening, so there’s been no time for a proper update. Instead I’m reacting to the news that the PS3 launch in Europe has been delayed until March 2007, meaning no PS3’s for anyone’s Christmas. That’s a big blow, meaning Microsoft (and potentially Nintendo) have the chance to get the busy festive season wrapped up (if you can forgive the pun).

I know I’ve been skeptical about how popular the PS3 will be come launch time. True, I think the 6 million units that are being promised for the launch will be snatched up immediately. That said, the asking price in Australia is $999 (just over 400 quid), which is still a big chunk of cash. Put it this way, I paid $650 for my X-Box 360. Still a lot of money, but there’s just the feeling of shedding out a grand for something.

Mind you, my brother’s decided to get me a Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday (which was 3 weeks ago), so that should be fun. At least in the near future there will be some fun gaming ahead.

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